High production proliferated three-D-printed plastic assault weapons ramping-up

When any weapon, metal or organic, is sold as separate parts, such as sub-receiver, stock, barrel, scope, etc., they can serve non-weapon functions, and were never outlawed, and never can be. Plastic, even electro-magnetic guns with carbon circuits, are x-ray undetectable, can easily be melted down to prevent ballistics tests, and can be shipped easily through private or public parcel services. Out of control, but largely unreported crime, the releasing of more felons, police negligence, brutality, and corruption, and the likelihood sensitive federal buildings, courts, many hospitals, schools, possibly airports, whose detection equipment is ineffective, will be shut or slowed down. This means means a stand-off.

Insurance is sold for legal tax debt, with an explanation of four International electronic tax shelters where you can legally conceal revenue from the government and the lawyers, at https://www.SurviveWorldWar3.com, to outlive the uninformed and the many who are increasingly making foolish decisions. Insurance, or lottery tickets, can be purchased for victim-less crime arrests, or fines and infractions, and dead pool bets.

A website for explaining how needle coil guns can be built had its domain registrar server hacked into by the NSA. These guns have small diameter barrels, as the electro-magnetic force, which drops off by the square of the rDIUS, must be close to the bullets or needles. They also use Rodin coils, a torus or donut, for five-times the power of a standard solenoid or cylinder coil. They are more info more aerodynamic and have more pressure than standard bullets, and might pass-through the steel walls of tanks.

Don't be the sucker born every minute dying every minute. Arm up.

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